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When I have a fixed header, the nav won't scroll

Here is my mark-up:

    <div class="w-nav">
        <div>Other header stuff</div>
        <div class="w-nav-overlay></div>

Header is position: fixed, so when the mobile menu (w-nav-overlay) is open and the viewport is short, I can’t scroll down through the nav.

I’ve tried adding overflow-x: scroll, but no luck.
I’ve also tested that when I un-fix the header, the nav scrolls right.

Any ideas?

I’m not at liberty to share the site I’m working on, so I hope you all might just have an idea I can try… ha sorry

What positioning mode are you using for nav-overlay?

w-nav-overlay is a webflow element not available in the designer. I can manipulate it with the custom code, but the default is absolute. I had no luck when trying static or relative.

Have you tried adding your overflow indicator to both the header and nav-overlay elements? Are you using !important designators?

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