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When hosting via Webflow, do we have access to IP addresses?


I have a question regarding hosting website for clients on my own account. I am located in Switzerland but have several clients in Germany. If I keep the client websites on my account (so that the hosting can be processed via myself) do I need to sign a data processing agreement with my client?

The client’s lawyer said, if I don’t have access to IP addresses (or similar) then we don’t need that agreement. I know there is the Webflow Data Processing Agreement (which I have already signed) but the question is whether I have access to certain information (like IP addresses) for any sites I host on my Webflow account and therefore need to sign such an agreement with my client as well since I will be hosting the sites for them.

Would appreciate any feedback!

Webflow does not make the visitor’s IP available to you, neither does GA. However, that does not mean you can’t use a service to lookup one. It would require custom code. So I would probably go back and ask “If we don’t”.

Edited: Since you are at legal jeopardy and IANAL, you should rely on your own research and validation. Not forums.

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Thank you for your answer!