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When does the Error state for a form kick in?

I’m curious as to what situations would cause a form to show the “Error” state… I’m assuming no internet connection would be one of them?

Hi @TwinTails, thanks for your question, that is a good one :slight_smile: There are a couple of different scenarios.

One scenario is where you have a form validation such as a field that has the required checkbox marked. This field must have some value, and an error is shown at the time the submit button has been pushed if the field is empty. At this point, the form has not yet been submitted to the server. This is a front-end form validation.

The second scenario is when the form is being submitted and your goal is to save the form submission in the Forms panel in the site dashboard. When a form is submitted, a check is made using the Site ID (within the html) to verify that the site is active in the site dashboard. If the site is not found, or is not active, then an error will be shown to the user:

This error can also be generated when there is a disconnection of internet/wifi/3g/4g service at the time the form is submitted.

I hope that answers your question, if not, let me know and I am happy to assist further.

Cheers, Dave

Thanks Dave, my questions have been answered!

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