When creating your portfolio site, start with your story

There are so many portfolio sites out there that look the same. Here are some tips to help yours stand out.


brb. deleting my portfolio site and starting over from scratch

jk. Very good video. Also very true. I remember reading a blog post a couple years ago where the writer was lamenting the use of terms like “code ninja” or “design rockstar” and I remember my response was something along the lines of the fact that a portfolio is basically a commercial. The main job of a commercial is to establish brand and deliver brand-specific messages, but the main tool for performing that job is storytelling that elicits emotional response of some sort.

Memories tied to emotions are the ones with the most staying power, and fancy projects, graphics, and interactions rarely elicit emotional response. Imagery CAN (to the tune of 1,000 words, I’ve been told), but faces along with thought-out and concise text seem to do a better job of that in this day and age.


Starting from scratch is never a step backwards. :wink:

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Awesome tips man… thanks!

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Very cool content.

Stories have been the backbone of human history for thousands of years. It’s how we share values, communicate our identity, and build community. In marketing, it sets you aside as part of your Unique Value Proposition. Really good points in this video. Subscribed!

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