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When creating a collection dynamic list

So you are able to link the pictures to your collection and dynamic list. Though if you use a picture for a background on your thumbnail of the home page. How do you take off repeat image and/or change it to cover instead of the repeat.

Do the images all need to be the same exact sizes or is there a way to set the pictures to cover?

Well this is what I have figured out. Put a div down and put that to the width and height that you need for the image and then hide overflow and flex the image to the center. Then take a image and place it inside the div with 100% width so that it creates a cover effect.

Please let me know if there is an easier way

Hi, @monstermage

Your method will work too, but really you don’t have to do this.

For changing settings of background images, which connected to dynamic images all you have to do is change settings on a standard placeholder image, which appear in the item settings. It will reflect on the dynamic image settings.

Hope I was able to explain.


Oh I see now. I knew there had to be a better way. I didn’t realize that this affected the dynamic image as well.

Thanks a ton @sabanna
Always a great help!

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