Whats wrong with my responsiveness?

Hi fellow Webflowers,

My question, does anybody know what I could improve regarding responsiveness and site optimization best practices?

@tkwrks while I did not go through the project with a fine tooth comb I did see a few areas where responsiveness could be better of the bat,

  1. Home page blog link boxes you have 3 columns, when on mobile you still have 3 columns, this will be very difficult for people to see on small devices. Those columns should respond to the device display. Also your logo grid 3 logos on mobile not a good idea either.

  2. Solution Page all your images that are in those columns are left when mobile which makes a huge gap to the right, but your text underneath fills the center screen .

While I am not 100% sure on webflows best practices those are some areas that jump out to me.

The goal to responsive design is not to shrink everything. the goal is to make the site respond and adapt to different device screens.