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What's the trick behind the width of tags?

Hi guys!

Could anyone explain how to re-create the width of the categories tag? I’m looking at the template in my editor, and can’t see how the tag has been resized to fit “nature” and “photography”.

I’ve got as far as putting it in absolute position with basic styling. The spill on the right hand side is very pesky however.


Give us your share link and one of us will tell you what you did wrong.

Absolute position, Left 15px, Top 15px.

Display setting: Inline Block.
Padding of 8px on all sides for the tag.

That should do the trick?

@kiki Wait, do you mean that “nature” an “photography” are spilling out of the box they are contained in? If so, the box width should just be auto and add padding to the box.

Hi, thank you for your replies!

I’ve tried the padding option with the inline block but nothing changes. It might help if you see the Blog page.

I’m trying to contain the tag’s length. I’d like it to have the same padding regardless of how many letters there are.

Cuz you used fixed width. Put it to auto like @jdesign mentioned. And you shall find salvation! :smiley:

Edit Sorry I was too early to speak. Seems like you added “0” to Right positioning also.
Use these settings:


YES! That did it :grinning:

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