What's the purpose of the TXT record in DNS configuration for a subdomain?

When connecting a subdomain (testsubdomain.example.com) to Webflow, in a case where the main domain (example.com) is not meant to be connected, Webflow asks to add 2 records:

Type Name Value
CNAME testsubdomain proxy-ssl.webflow.com
TXT @ proxy-ssl.webflow.com

What’s the purpose of the TXT record? why is it added to the main host and not subdomain? Will deployment work without it?

I had the same question as my dns provider did not allow @ in TXT records. As I could not find an explanation, I decided to leave out the TXT record which did not seem to cause problems.

Hey Jochen, I’m curious where you saw that.
I’ve never encountered any request to add a TXT record, and never had issues with subdomain configs either.

I use this approach;

Hey memetican,

this is not in the documentation, but on the webflow dashboard. To reproduce please navigate to ‘Publishing’ and then click on ‘add a new custom domain’.
hope this helps.