What's the MAIN differences between a Free, Paid and Premium Theme?

I met w/ a Webflow tutor yesterday and he HIGHLY recommend that I purchase a theme (w/ ecom and CMS) vs building a site from scratch… which makes since.

Since we intend to customize / adjust the theme layout quite bit, do I need to purchase a Premium site (like Fortun)… or will a free theme like CoffeeStyle work just as well?

What is the difference between the 3 sites - Other than price? I only want to do this one time and I want to make sure we do it right the first time.

Thanking you in advance!




Well, it’s a matter of preference. The free one only has 7 pages with 1 layout per page. The mid level has 10 homepage layouts and a bunch of other pages. The UI kit has 6+ home-pages, 27+ inner pages, a Blog, and Ecommerce. If you are new to Webflow, I’d go with the template that is closest to what you want on your final design because editing tons of pages can get very daunting. For example, I charge many thousands of dollars to customize a template as big as that UI template. But it’s still a lot cheaper than a fully custom site. Especially when you are doing e commerce and tons of CMS stuff.

Thank you very much -