What's the difference between an Account Plan and a Site Plan?

Looking for some help here. I’m trying to understand the difference between an Account plan and a Site plan. I’ve been thinking about entering the freelance space as a designer and was looking at settling on Webflow and my primary tool of choice. I’ve signed up for the Professional Account plan and was under the impression that this was the highest-paid plan I could get and would include most/all premium features.

Working on my first project as a test, I was surprised to see that I couldn’t import a CSV with 100 items to a CMS that I created and it gave me the error that I could only do 50 items on my plan. I don’t intend to host on a custom domain just yet. I want to ‘play around’ on multiple sites but am surprised to see that even on the Professional plan, I can’t have more than 50 CMS items. In all probability, I’m looking at this wrong or missing something here and would appreciate any help/clarity on this.


It is best to reference Webflow’s pricing and plan information versus rehashing what they say.


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