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What's the best way to link to several documents?

I’m building my first product website, trying to pick up a few good habits on the way. The site promotes three products. Each product page features links to 3-5 downloadable PDF’s.Some PDFs are specific to (one or more) specific products , e.g. declaration of contents, others are applicable to all three products. (e.g. terms+conditions).

Much like this example:

What is the best way to organize the PDF’s? File fields in the product collection, separate pdf collections for each product or one collection holding all PDFs?

Thanks in advance:-)

You can add them to a single list, and use options to differentiate them.

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@Sahil.M i.e. add all the PDFs to one collection, and then use switches (or reference fields) to differentiate the PDFs?

Yes, but with switches, it’s only two fields (on or off), a better option would be to use tags using a multi-reference field, and later in a CMS list you could filter the PDFs using multiple tags. I am thinking of making tags like (one would be terms and conditions, and if its product-specific differentiate using product group A, product group B, maybe?

Hope this helps. :smiley:

Great, thanks! Will give it a try:-)

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@Sahil.M worked like a charm!

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Amazing! Happy to help :+1: