What's the best integration to manage a community?

Hi there :slight_smile:

I’m building a platform to allow community members to learn about Mental Models and help them make better decisions. I want to take it to the next step and wanted to know which integrations would allow to:

  • Manage members/users (login, password, subscriptions)
  • Members to “like”, “comment” and “save” their preferred Mental Models.
  • Some members to upload their own mental models and share them with the community.

Your advice will be very well received :wink: Thank you so much.

PS: If you want to check it out → www.makingmyself.com

hi @Fredi and welcome to Webflow forum. Can you explain in detail how your request is related to solving problems with Webflow platform? IMHO you are on wrong forum.

Thanks Stan, can you point me to the right forum, Please? I apologize if I’m not using it properly.

HI @Fredi there is no need to apologise. :wink: This forum is about Webflow platform and you are looking for some clients module you should use. As I’m not expert in psychology the best way will be using your favourite browser to find best practices or get an ideas what will be the optimal module as each organisation has its own goals what group of people is their target and based on this they will set their module.

Hey Fredi!

I think what you’re looking for is currently out of scope with the native WF functionality.
WF currently has no membership features, they are working on it, but it won’t be like a fully fletched social media packet.

There are third-party integrations available, I’m not sure which could accomplish your needs. You can check them out here:

Coming from a web dev background, you could set up your own backend with cloud functions and database with authentication and have some custom logic in your WF site to manage it - but that’s quite some work!

Thank you! Yep, that was my first impression. I guess I’ll check if some freelancer can help me out as I don’t have much time to develop it myself. Thanks so much for you rreply :slight_smile:

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