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What tutorial resources should be consumed, at minimum, before getting started with Webflow?

First, apologies if this is in the wrong subforum.

Second, I realize it’s possible the answer to this question is “none!”, but please assume the learner would benefit from orientation materials.

I have a couple small Wordpress websites (5-10 pages) running old, unsupported themes. I’d like to re-create these sites in Webflow. I am not a programmer. What is the minimum level of Webflow tutorials I should consume before jumping in and getting my hands dirty?

Hi @CrayonCode! :smiley: Welcome to the community. I would strongly suggest diving into the Webflow 101 crash course:

In 2 hours, you’ll learn all the basics to help you get going on your projects. Hope this helps.


Thanks, @PixelGeek. I’ve completed the crash course and started on my first attempt at modernizing an old, simple ecommerce site using the Webflow free plan, for now.

I’m having a bit of trouble aligning things how I want/figuring out how to position elements. I suspect the solution is to just grind away and use the Webflow YouTube page as a primary resource.

Does this sound right? Any thing else I should be doing to become good at using Webflow?

yup. it just takes time to learn how to improve upon the basic skils.

As for layout, you may want to try learning CSS Flex and CSS Grid:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

To be honest I’d just go here and watch everything. Its not boring, the tutorials are great and you will know everything there is to know about webflow and the only thing left would be to practice every technique you’ll find there. Good luck!