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What to tell clients about webflow framework?

I am still trying to figure everything out and i am far away from actually selling a service, however I am planning to do so and webflow is 100% going to be a tool that i’d love to use.

The only problem is, that the service I am planning to start requires the use of different frameworks such as bootstrap, foundation, etc. I believe webflow is using its own framework, which makes it a little bit difficult, because most clients will prefer bootstrap and other more known frameworks.

I will offer my clients the oppertunity to choose between different frameworks, so what should I tell them in order to convince them to choose webflow’s totally unknown framework?

Another problem is, that I don’t want them to know about webflow, because they might look it up.

Should I just tell them I am using my own framework, or I am using plain HTML/CSS(which is not actually the case)?

I am still very very new to all of this and learning, so please consider that :slightly_smiling:

Thank you!

You should be honest and work your butt off to become so good at Webflow that even if they looked it up and tried it, they would quickly realize they could not duplicate your level of work.

Getting paid for ability is much more comfortable than getting paid for information.


Good answer! I will no lie to my clients, the fact is that the overall site quality will decrease if I am forced to use other frameworks due to the lack of easy to implement interactions.

Any idea how I can prevent my clients from knowing about webflow?

Perhaps i should add an option such as “don’t care make it look awesome”


wow. that is such a great response. I might use it for a future “Motivation Monday” video.

you can’t trick your clients. But you can white-label the Webflow CMS:

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Thank you for the answer! Webflow CMS is an amazing feature, however i won’t use it too often and the question was more related to the webflow framework.

Just a quick question to you, will webflow implement the option to use different frameworks any time soon or is this still far away?

It would be awesome to get an answer :slight_smile:

Can you give me a use case scenario as to when you would need to change frameworks?

Webflow is a tool for designers and not for the “consumer”. The goal of this tool is to make the creation of websites simpler & faster, which it does quite effectively. If I could I would never ever use Bootstrap again, because i feel like that webflow gives me everything I need. However most of my clients are more familiar with popular frameworks and therefore I am forced to not use webflow.

Right now webflow is a really powerful visual website builder and it’s true that you can create amazing websites with it, however it’s limited in certain ways which makes it unattractive to a lot of potential customers.

Maybe I am just a special case, however i would love to see such a feature, as it would actually turn webflow into something that replaces the old front-end development process.

I agree you should be upfront that you’re working in Webflow and pitch the time-saving aspect of the tool as a benefit. Even if you’re not charging by the hour, the client will still like the faster turn-around.

I’m not 100% if others would agree, but I think working directly with Webflow’s framework is pretty self-explanatory, and would, perhaps, be intuitive for those used to Bootstrap.

(TODO: Make a list of basic similarities and differences of Webflow and Bootstrap frameworks…)


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