What to exclude from sitesearch results

when building your site in settings there are search index setting in which you can exclude certain aspects of your site from site search result. I searched for hours but I cannot find any info if you need to do that and if so which parts of the website do you need to exclude?
I hope somebody knows the answer to that question because I am clueless

I’m no SEO expert but this feature is useful when you utilize nested collections - every collection listing has its own page but sometimes you don’t want these to be accessible to visitors if you use them just to store data for other pages. Generally, just use it for pages you don’t want to have traffic from Google (utility or collection pages with no value for your visitors).

Checkout Site search | Webflow University

That depends on what you want the site search to exclude.

It is important to understand that thiis feature has nothing to do with excluding search engine bots from indexing a page

I followed a few webflow courses and in the cloned site I noticed the navigation was excluded from site search results and in one case the footer was excluded and I guess webflow has this option for a reason but I find no info on this, I searched everywhere, also webflow university has no info. I did not know that it had nothing to do with excluding search engine bots from indexing a page, on the other hand, navigation is not a page?

Hi Jeff,
Do I understand your answer correctly? This option has nothing to do with seach engines but to exclude parts of your website when you have a search option on your website?

Yes. Only affects Webflow’s site .search visibility.