What to do if you delete everything

Hi all, I have some how managed to delete the Body div in one of the pages of my project. Or it has vanished.
How do I re create the Body div? Apologies as I am new to Webflow, my guess was to create an empty element and assign body class but I am sure it is a little more complex than that. Hopefully not though.


If you go to your project settings and click the ‘Backups’ tab, you can restore a previous version of your website before the deletion was made. You can even preview the restoration to make sure that that it the one you want. If you have any questions feel free to ask!


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I understand this is an option, but unfortunately I didn’t notice that the body was missing until i had done quite a lot of work on the project.

Hence me not fancying going back and having to redo everything from re creating my symbols to the interactions etc.

Is it possible to simple re add the Body. I have no idea why it has vanished, oddly I did try and re create a new page and copy everything over, but when I did the page worked when published and previewed but I could not scroll the page inside of my browser in the designer.

I have tried to re open the project in Safari instead of chrome, still no joy :frowning:

Can you post your sites read-only like for me?

You can click link if you are unsure of how to do that.

Thanks PHRyan, here we go.


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The body is still in your project its called:

News Section Mob.

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Oh yes just got assigned a class and renamed, I guess as I have been learning as I go. Thanks for that.