What to deliver as a freelancer?

Hi All,

I am new to webflow, and I was wondering, if I am working as a freelancer or as a startup only working with webflow, what can I deliver at the end to the customer?

If anyone here is working for a while as a freelancer, would be great to share some experience about what to deliver at the end for the customer, like Source Code, or only hosting the website on webflow hosting, etc


We give them whatever they want really… If they want an export of code then we do that (this is usually for internal sites to be honest, it’s an unusual request for us). We find the majority want hosting as well, so we provide that to them and generally host on our own servers unless we find a customer that is keen on a CMS but wants something faster than WordPress, in which case we’ll host with Webflow.

Some insist on WordPress due to CMS requirements and familiarity so we still currently build these.

None of this really affects the process/price too much for us. The most important thing is to understand their on-going hosting requirements right upfront, and work out what the deliverables will be from that.