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What to Charge For e-Commerce?


So I was contacted by someone asking to build a website for their startup clothing company. At a high level, my task includes:

-Branding (logo, design, images for site)
-Site build- 3-5 pages
-Set up backend to process payments
-Inventory management at a basic level
-set up an email + domain

I’m projecting that this will take me 3-5 days to do well, based off of similar projects. I’ve never done sites for other people/for money, so am curious how much to charge.

My gut was $1,000… Is that low? high? What’s fair.



I believe that is wayyy to low. If you are doing branding and a website I would charge between $5,000-10,000. Take into account the value you are providing to this company. If their website is going to generate $50,000/year, an investment of $10,000 is more than fair. Nowhere else can they put that money and get that kind of return.