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What the heck is this Upgrade Button in the designer?

What the heck is the little upgrade button showing up in the design window? I’ve been using Webflow since 2015 and find having to see “upgrade” on every non-hosted project annoying.

2020-09-03 09_55_03-Webflow - Gearfire - Personal - Microsoft​ Edge

Mark this as my daily grumble.

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Welcome to the community @ArthurVontress!

Do you have an Account plan or just pay for Site plans as needed? What happens when you click on it?

It’s possible they’ve updated the CTA to encourage folks to upgrade to either an Account or Site plan, however for what it’s worth I’m not seeing this on any of my projects (even ones without Site plans) but I do have an Account plan.

Thanks @mikeyevin!

I have an account plan. I was surprised to see a button pushing for an upsell within the designer itself. Not a big deal if someone was on a 100% free plan but it still takes away from the overall aesthetic of the designer.

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No problem! I’d be surprised if it’s a Site plan upsell as I’m not seeing this on my end in any project, but it’s possible they could be A/B testing some things.

Do you happen to have more than 100 static pages or 50 CMS items in the project but no Site plan? If so, it may be letting you know that you need to upgrade as there is a limit on staging sites.

Just thinking out loud here, but maybe @WebflowCommunityTeam could shed some light on the new button.

i know how to do it in regular page (non collection page) I am asking specifically for a collection page, (meaning I would like to have a different PDd for each page)
snaptube vidmate word to pdf

It’s really annoying! I’m already paying for Webflow and no, I don’t want to Upgrade.

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