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What sort of scrolling function is this and can I do it?

Looking for help finding ways to lift the design of and recreate as much as I can in Webflow. Hoping someone here recognizes the scrolling on the site- seems to scroll in sections - If I can replicate this in Webflow I’d be ecstatic. Alas, I’m more of a graphic designer and pretty new to Webflow so it’s gonna take some education to get there. Any tips?

Hey! There was a webflow workshop that Nelson did that walks you through exactly how to do this. It’s not natively available in webflow yet, though. I’ll try to dig it up for you!

Boom. Here it is!

Thank you! amazing, just having this is going to go a long way to making the client happy.

Sure thing, happy to help.

Hey @adiggy

@adiggy is correct that fullpage.js can accomplish the scroll snapping. I have used it a few times myself. Just be aware that it can cause conflicts with the built-in Webflow scroll interaction triggers.

I’ve also seen Scrollify in use recently. Although I haven’t used it yet it seems easier to implement and may not be prone to the same interaction conflicts.

Hope this extra information helps you towards making the best choice for your project.