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What should I do / learn?

Hello Webflowers!

I need you guys to to point me into a direction where I can learn how to accomplish the following:

  1. I have a div on my website that can be closed ( hidden ) by the user when clicking a “X” icon. I want my website to remember that option for the next 3 sessions that the user joins my website, so it won’t show that div. The 4th time the user enters the website, the div will be showing again ( flexbox). What should I learn in order to achieve that?

  2. I have another div that shows up (flexbox) after 10 seconds spent on the homepage. It’s a signup to the newsletter box. The user can either sign up or just close that div and go back to navigate in the website. Is there a way to make my website remember when the user signs up to the newsletter, so it won’t show that div again?

I currently am not allowed to share the preview of the website, but I think I explained enough.

Thank you so much for your help. :webflow_heart:

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Bake some cookies or use the web storage api. Since there is no general visitor state in webflow, you can use custom code (Javascript) and cookies or web storage to accomplish what you want.

You can address both 1, and 2 this way. I am not going to write the code for you but will point you to a couple of resources that would help.

Coding not your cup of tea? You can always hire a JS developer. This is pretty clear cut stuff.


Thank you! That’s definitely what I need and I’ll read about it.

I do like coding, but I still haven’t finished learning JavaScript, making me not so confident about things that depend on it.

Once again, thank you for your help.