What’s the latest with the search functionality

Hi, patiently waiting for an update on webflow search - here is what was said back in June on the blog.

“The backend development (using ElasticSearch to index all of your site’s data, and serving it with an API) is complete, and we’re now focusing development on the Designer integration. We’re still in heavy development, but we’re looking to ship this feature soon“

Now I know that webflow have been working hard and have released the first version of interactions 2.0 which is great.

However whilst this is great for visual design is not, in my humble opinion, as useful as having the search functionality ( this could just be me :slight_smile: )

Anyone prepared to let us know some sort of update/time frame for this?

Is it likely to be 2017 or 2018 before there is an update or dare I say it a release of this feature this or next year.

I’m not moaning, just would like to get a bit more of a feel of where we are and where we are going with this.

I’m not the only one who is curious https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/OTHER-I-8

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I saw someone at the forum posting a tweet from Bryant that it will be released 2017. Yay!

Only 7 weeks left before end of year, be great if that is true (be a added Xmas gift for us) I wonder though if 2017 is when we will get the update rather than the release…!!!

We just have to wait and see. Now when IX2 is released and soon Search along with the new back-end and canvas I also hope we can see more frequent feature updates as promised.

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An update, I feel, is needed to clarify…

I have to turn away work due to lack of this functionality (and need it on my own site)

I appreciate you can embed search with external tools but having used some of them myself they give mixed results and interface design which makes them feel somehow unprofessional.

Sorry to hear that you have to turn down clients. Maybe they’ll come back when they see how you can design a awesome custom search experience? :blush:

Just one if those things, most clients quote Wordpress which I hate, just loads of plugins which makes it bloated and unreliable for me…too much to maintain. Webflow is my baby! Love it so much, and search would be fab.

I suspect most clients I have turned away have gone elsewhere but there is always future customers I can help once search is released. One request is on the table at the moment and the top priority/requirement is search :frowning: crying as looks and interesting project which I could have worked on…

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It’s hard to explain to others but thats exactly how it is :blush:

I may try and delay the latest proposal just in case we get and update on search - although there may be a learning curve from my perspective to get my head around how the webflow search works and how to use of the sites. Hoping it will be easy to use…just need information on when

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Hi @jorn @RoseWebStudio

In Vlad’s last AMA with Nelson they were hoping at a search beta in August…as you probably know.

My guess is the WF team had to make a call at this point, do we get search delivered, which will make a lot of WF users happy, or do we get IX2 delivered which will make users happy but also elevate the product to the wider world. When you look at the timings, it also seems like they knew Invision Studio was on the horizon and wanted to make sure they had a big announcement/release themselves.

My guess/hope is that attention is now turned to getting other features over the line.

Here’s what I have gathered from different outlets over the last few weeks in terms of search and other developments:

  • @RoseWebStudio had a tweet reply from Bryant to about search, ‘2017’ was the answer.

  • Bryant also responded to some general feedback 3 weeks ago, to say there would be a big update via a blog post in ‘the coming weeks’…

  • Nelson and Andrew Nelsen (via workshops) have urged all users to tune in to the next Vlad AMA on Tuesday 19th December for big updates/news. They have also re-iterated that the new canvas will mean much quicker release of features - IX2 was the first big test of this in terms of a big feature built on the new canvas (and architecture behind it)

  • Nelson and Nelsen ™ also said a team was forming to breathe new life into the wishlist, so there would be many more updates there.

I am in the same position as you guys, :webflow_heart: the product, and I know the team want to release stuff only when it’s ready, but from our business side we just need to know a bit more about when - not specific dates - as we know that is difficult.

Jason has a great example right now - can he secure that client - is the feature 1 month away or 4 months away? Will it be short beta, long beta, or full release, and if release is delayed - let us know - we’ll understand rather than speculate and get a tiny bit grumpy.



Nice detailed reply there thanks, just hoping to get some sort of update however little even if it is to say we don’t know but expect an update on xx date. People move fast in this modern world and expect everything yesterday (referring to clients who need websites) and with little or know knowledge it’s kinda frustrating- not moaning, promise, just saying

@RoseWebStudio @StuM @jorn Does anyone know if search is in beta? We haven’t seen an update from @brryant about this yet (unless I missed it) and I don’t see how this is happening in 2017 if it’s not yet in beta. Hopefully, this isn’t another overpromise, underdeliver situation from Webflow. I’ve been a big supporter and promoter of Webflow over the last two years and have been bringing clients to the hosting platform but am becoming less than impressed with Webflow’s ability to meet deadlines and deliver on improvements over the last 12 months.

Update: Search is in Beta and looks promising!


Want to just chime in here. Search is in private beta with select customers now. We will be reaching out to Webflow Experts and more users to get feedback and test the product on a rolling basis.


Hi Bryant,

sounds great. Can’t wait to be in the beta, also.

Good luck with your developing progress.

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Site search has now launched: check out the feature page to learn more.