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What platforms do you use to build your portfolio

I’m a UI/UX designer and I’m looking at setting up my portfolio website. I’m not freelance but I’ve been looking at potential new job opportunities and I need a professional site.

What platforms do you guys like to use?

I was looking at Webflow but it seems pretty expensive considering I’m not a freelancer. I feel it would be a good tool to use to demonstrate my skills, and of course get familiar with in the event I do feel like freelancing on the side at any point.

I want something where I can not only show the work, but also go a bit in depth about each project, kind of like a case study, really

If you have at least lite plan on your account you can create anything you want in WF and then just host it as a static site anywhere if WF hosting is not something you want to pay.

I’m going to use WF to develop my sites, and export them and use Umbraco for the CMS hosted elsewhere.