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What plan or plans do I need (confusing!) Help!

Thanks in advance all.

My needs: I need CMS hosting to host the websites for a client.
Myself and another developer will be working together on the project, and will be creating and using templates, working with the CMS.

It looks like I need:

  1. CMS Hosting plan
  2. Team plan (small) - for two of us.
    …and that’s it? Does the Team plan give us all the account/editing features we need? (ie: I don’t need a Pro plan on top of the Team plan).


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For work you get an account plan. So - team plan.

For hosting you get hosting plan - so cms plan for one site. For every new site you want to host you will need additional hosting plan.

That’s it.

Great, thanks. That’s what I’ll do: Small Team Plan + CMS Hosting plan.

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