What might be causing the cms contents to not populate

Hi everyone,

I’ve been at this puzzle for just about a week now and I’ve still not been able to figure out why my cms blog post section is not populating. Can you offer any suggestion that might be causing the cms contents to not populate?


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hi @vraymond issue of not displaying section items on the largest viewport is caused by blending being set to dodge. When you reset it all will appear.

Hi @Stan thanks for the quick reply. I am more referring to the blog section before the footer.

hi @vraymond when the section doesn’t have any content so it is collapsed mean height: 0px. The reason you can see the structure in EDITOR is only because WF gives you some visual feedback to be able to place elements inside.

Once you will place any content this section becomes visible and height will depend on the content. To be able to get content from CMS the content (blog posts etc.) has to be published. I’m only mentioning this as your content is staged and not published.

I will suggest you visit WFU to learn how to work on this platform and also learn some barebone basics of HTML and CSS. :wink: