What makes a good podcast site?

Hello Webflow peoples!

A friend of mine has just asked me to redesign her podcast site. It should be a cool project, but I was thinking – what makes for a good podcast site? More specifically, do people have examples of sites which really seem to work for this particular type of media and the format which it’s usually delivered in?

For most of the podcasts I like I’m used to this sort of design which just replicates a basic blog with embeds in posts:

Talking Politics

Or then at the other extreme there’s something like this, which is probably a bit over the top for what I’m working on:

Check the link for the interactions

What other sites are worth checking out?


daaaang. That site is smooooooth.

Good stuff! Thank you for sharing. One of my favorites are by far the Design Better Podcast. Check them out here, they’ve got some great guests on there as well. I recommend Meriah Garrett one of the Chief Design Officers at USAA.

Design Better Website: https://www.designbetter.co/