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What kinds of things can I make into a symbol? Why can't I make a container into a symbol?

I already have my nav bar as a symbol on my site, which is using the “Nav bar” element and contains several other elements in a container. Now I’m trying to make another container of several elements into a symbol, but it doesn’t let me. I can make individual elements into a symbol, but whenever I select the container, the option to create a symbol goes away. It’s the same if I try it by right-clicking or if I try it by going to the add symbol menu; in that case the “add” button is disabled if I have a container of any kind selected. It’s the same if the elements are sitting in a div, a container, or a nav bar. I’m not using any animations or interactions. The Help documents just say that I can make anything into a symbol but that’s clearly not true. Help?

Maybe it’s a bug with the button, try command + shift + A. For me there’s no problem, if it continues I’d try closing down Webflow and / or use a div instead