What kind of Webflow element is that?

Hey guys! :slight_smile:

First, thanks for Your time! I’d love to know how to get this done and maybe someone can help me with that:

On this website (https://lawya.com/), there are “topics” on which you can click. You’ll then be able to select from various answer option like “Yes / No” or even more options (see below).

The answer/explanation varies then, based on your given answer.

(next pic)

How am I able to achieve this?
Is this an app like a chatbot e.g. or is it just the usage of containers(?), div blocks and text?

I’ve taken a look on the source code and it seems to be the latter.

But feel free to take a look yourself: Lawya

I’m a Webflow-Newbie so I’d be really glad to get some help / a quick answer for this! :slight_smile:

Thank You and a have a nice time!


PS: Does anyone know which template would suite best for a website like this?

Basicly it’s just a kind of simple logic :
click on button A => show content A
click on button B => show content B

it’s not a chat bot as ther is only 5 possibilities

Yes true, obviously, but how can I achieve this? :smiley:

Learn how to use interactions

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Here’s another option to consider

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