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What is your main source for finding new gigs?

Soo… a few words on the background of this question. Daily, I’m seeing a lot of cool talented individuals and studios share their beautifully designed portfolio pages.

I’m interested to find out how effective is to have a great looking portfolio page as a source for collecting new leads? Or is it more important to have a wide network of people you hang out with?

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The poll will be active for three days, and I’ll post the results afterwards. Please share this poll with your friends designers so we can get a clearer picture.


  1. Network. Go to meetups. Meet people, share your business card without trying to sell your services. Just plant the seed. Get it in peoples heads that you’re a Web Designer. Don’t ask if they need a site done.
  • Do free work - non-profit orgs need websites. do them. You church might need one. Do it. There is probably a little league or youth soccer team that needs a site. DO IT! Redesign a site just for fun. You’ll learn a lot of new skills and tricks all while getting your name out there

  • Repeat steps 1 and 2… forever

Thanks! But what about finding work online (people you didn’t meet in real life)?

its tough. but it shouldn’t be about “how do i find work?” the question should be “how does work find me?”


That’s cool. And great turn on the perspective!

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I had a moment of inspiration :smile:
Really, really good question @PixelGeek!