What is wrong with this logic ? CMS data gets deleted

I have forms that allows users(authors) to edit their information, including email, website, biography, and image. The data is stored in both MemberStack custom fields and a CMS,
and I’m using Pabbly connections to manage the data flow.

Here’s the issue I’m encountering:

  1. Data Handling:
  • User information is managed through four separate forms on the CMS template page, each corresponding to one of the data fields (email, website, biography, and image).
  • Pabbly connections are set up for each form to update live item in the CMS.
  1. The Problem:
  • Whenever a user submits an email address in the email form, the website URL data in the CMS gets deleted.(email is saved well)
  • Similarly, when a user submits a website URL in the website form, the email data in the CMS is deleted.
  • (Website url is saved well)
  1. The Confusion:
  • This behavior is causing either the email field or the website field in the CMS to be empty, depending on which form the user last submitted.
  • The forms are set up in a user-friendly manner, and the Pabbly connections seem to be functioning well individually.

If anyone has experience with Pabbly or Zapier connections, MemberStack, or similar tools,
I would greatly appreciate your insights on how to prevent this data conflict issue.
Your guidance and suggestions will be invaluable in resolving this issue.
Thank you all in advance for your assistance.

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Hi @Jamie020

It would be interesting to see each step expanded so to see what fields you are populating with what data.

Hi @WisdomainUK
Thank you for reaching out to me.

I captured responses I got for each steps.
I hope it will give some insight.

This is “edit email form”.

  1. When form is submitted,
  2. I get the member from memberstack and 3. update new email in the customfields.
    From the response I can see the webflow item ID.
    So 4. get the webflow item and then 5. update live item .
    This is the process.

In the last step, I can see the response with other fields are still saved.
But back into designer and check the CMS, I can see website and other links(instagram, linkedin, etc) fields are empty.

Thank you for looking into it.

Hi @Jamie020 I would map the fields that you get from step (4. Webflow: Get Item) to the same fields again in step (5. Webflow: Update Live Item) even though it says to leave blank to ignore this field but also map the fields that need updating from their respective form.

Let me know how you get on.

@WisdomainUK I mapped every fields as you said. For that, I get the data I need from the first step. Then when updating the Webflow CMS item(step 5), I mapped it again and getting the updated data. But when I go back to the designer and check the CMS, fields are empty. I made several forms for this website with similar logic and they are working well. So I cannot guess what is wrong this time.