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What is Webflow's longevity looking like?

Is it here to stay? Is it going to pull a Macaw? Are you guys in the red? I’m sure your customers would appreciate some transparency when it comes to questions like this. You’ll notice a new trend in SaaS companies being transparent with their costs, what they need to stay profitable and how it’s going to affect their customers going forward.

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I do not have any more inside information than you but I remember when they stared, they had pretty significant investors and it seems their pricing model is working. New paid users seem to be popping up on the forums all the time and new articles are written about webflow a lot. It is gaining traction and I’m sure, user base as well. I know upper management has said they have no intention of ever selling, this is their baby and they intend to see it grow up.

Please don’t ever sell Webflow. I love it too much. Still waiting on the list of major features to be delivered.

And then we hit $100,000 MRR later that year. So, in the beginning of this year, we jumped to $2 million ARR and then $200,000 MRR. So, it’s kind of like slowly progressing each year. The team is growing. We’re getting super stoked.


That was 2014 :blush:


@jwburkhard @DFink @alexanderwong @SidneyOttelohe We’re not going anywhere, and you won’t see us pull a Macaw :smiley:

We’re in this for the long haul, and are focusing on building a sustainable business that doesn’t rely on gimmicky pre-order campaigns (or even continued external outside investment). As of now, we’re very close to being in the black, which means that we have years and years of runway to keep building Webflow to be more and more powerful/capable/awesome/etc.

We have all of our amazing customers and this wonderful community to thank for putting your trust in us and helping us create a sustainable business (and hopefully helping you run yours!), which ensures that we can continue improving Webflow for many many years (if not decades!) to come.

Let’s do this!!! :rocket:


Hey @callmevlad, I have found a fellow Vlad on Webflow; we might be related. Haha :wink::grinning::blush:

@callmevlad @VLADinSACRAMENTO


@DFink Made me laugh so hard. :wink::grinning::blush::grinning::wink::blush::blush::grinning:

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