What is the reason for the reserved attribute names?

WHY - when you (try to create) an “onload” attribute of an element…
IS - it a reserved name ?

I’m trying to added
<a href=#" onload="loadImage()">

and I cannot.

Other reserved names are noted here ► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits

thanks @samliew . first time I saw that list. Good list to have.

Sadly… other attributes I need are also on the list :frowning:


pretty much anything related to dragndrop is not permitted…

  • which is the the functionality I’m currently building.

@webflow … I’m sure there’s a reason for not permitting these attributes

  • but could you please let us know what the reason is ?

I was hoping to develop this system with Webflow / JQuery / AngularJS / PHP / MySQL…
and Webflow is a kind-of important part of the solution.

I can substitute with Bootstrap… but then life becomes more difficult

  • as I prefer using the visual designer in Webflow.

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