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What is the field type data type for file upload in CMS via API access?

I cannot find the field type: file accepts anywhere.

Integromat supports it apparently but it does accept URLs how images do.

Has anyone worked with File uploads via API documentation? This would be of great help.

#team please update Webflow APIs. It has the untapped potential for the growth of the platform.

Integromat shows the option to edit data but doesn’ tell which type of data is being asked for: array, object, I am not sure.

But if there are showing, they would know what data that UI supports. Hope anyone of them answer.

@veermanhas did you ever figure out how to solve this?

I would like to upload to a file to the Webflow CMS via Integromat, but can’t see a way to achieve this.

Hey @alastairbudge. I got reply from their support saying I need to use HTTP download file option and then add it to the field.

@veermanhas, can you share your solution? Was it successful?

Having the same issue.

Hey been busy with work. I haven’t gotten to this yet.