What is the client workflow of migrating the domain name to Webflow?

Webflow university has a very helpful page on how to do this. But my question is, how do you communicate with your clients about this?

Do you ask for the password to their DNS page and make the changes yourself? Do you instruct them how to do it? If they give you the password to their DNS, do you ask them to change it afterwards for security reasons?

Please let me know!

Thank you!

In my case depends if I’m the manager or not of the domain.

If I’m the manager, I take care of the DNS setup.

If they own their domain. It is up to them to set up their DNS. In the case they wanted me to do it for them, I would ask for credentials. If they want to change their password afterwards, it is fine.

Anyway, my suggestion is if they own their domain, to leave it to them. This could a be sensitive thing, specially if they have a complex DNS setup.

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Also, when it comes to work with the client’s tools, as in this case their domain provider, it is normal to have access to their account with their own credentials or giving you access as a team member. This is a normal practice when developing long term relationships . For example, I have access to a few of my clients Webflow dashboards, both as a team member (for this big clients) and directly to their accounts (for smaller smaller ones).

Hope this helped

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Thank you so much for answering! It did help a lot! A quick follow up:

How would you handle a situation where you want your client to buy and own their domain, however they are not comfortable with actually making any changes in the DNS because they find it too complex and overwhelming ?

Also, what you recommend the safest/best way to transfer credentials when my client is thousands of miles away? Do you ask for the passwords over email? Is it safe to send a password in plain text?

Thank you again!

I would ask the client to purchase a domain and once they’ve done it, share their credentials with you so you can setup the DNS properly.

With my clients, they would share their credentials over email, slack or whatever other tool to communicate we are using.

If security is really an important thing, your client should go with a domain provider that allow to create team accounts, so he can grant you access to setup the DNS without sharing sensitive information.

Thank you for your help!

pretty much all of my clients own their domains. they grant me either admin or collaborator access for their account. i am then able to do all of the dns set up for them. been doing this for years and works well for me.