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What is the benefit of buying a template with integrated cms


we’re considering buying a UI kit for the development of our website, one of them ( has an integrated cms, while the second one ( does not. In your personal experience, does this change the editing of a lot? I’ve tried using free templates with and without cms, but it seems like we can design it by hand when needed.

Furthermore, does this give us expansive digital asset management compared to the second one?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @tatdocs, the whole Webflow is about design and it is a powerful tool if you are experienced designer with knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS you don’t need to buy template as CMS is thanks to webflow fairly simple if you spend some time to understand the whole Weblflow principles.

If you do not know anything about design and coding you should buy template for what you need. Blog need CMS as CMS is a kind of database if I can say. If you need just startup product promotion page CMS is not necessary.

But if you will need add some changes to either of them IMHO you should have some basics of coding under the belt.

Thank you for the answer!
We have both a designer and a person with coding experience to help out. Our idea was to buy a UI kit to reduce the time spent making components and layout the pages individually based on our needs. I guess my question is, if we buy a UI kit that doesn’t include CMS, is that still possible to build manually or it will be removed completely by the editor interface?

As you know the principle of UI kits it to be able fast prototype website. As e.g Bootstrap that was developed for this prototyping purpose but spread like virus on many published web pages. Yes, I think that, you can use UI kit without CMS predefined component and then create you own components for CMS without problem.

I’ve never used UI kit for client site as I want to be pages unique (it’s just me). So maybe someone who used UI kit in production will give you their point of view on this but purpose of UI kit is given. If you will add extra components that aren’t part of UI kit you just have to make sure you will follow rules set by someone else to keep consistency in design they predefined for you.

The question Is - did they design every single component you need and are they designed the way your client will agree with? :wink: