What is Priority Support?

Can you tell me what is involved in Priority Support (as listed here: https://webflow.com/pricing)?

Specifically, how is it different from Email Support?

Thank you!

Hi @tkister, the Personal, Professional and Team plans all feature e-mail support. At the moment we do not have telephone support. 2016 is going to be an exciting year, and we are looking at new ways to engage with our customers who need support.

The Professional and Team plans feature priority support. Priority support means that Professional and Team Plan customers requests for support will get highest priority response.

See our statement of support, which describes the kind of issues we support from the support desk: http://help.webflow.com/faq/statement-of-support

I hope this helps, let me know if any questions :smile:

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you know, a service such as TeamViewer that allows ‘remote control’ over your PC with a chat sounds very cool for a premium support plan…on paper at least

I use Team Viewer all the time.

However, due to sensitive information I have on my systems…

  • I don’t let anyone in.

I use it access other client and internal systems.

There’s also an issue with multiple monitors on Macs.

My systems have 2 or 3 monitors.

I have a MacPro with 3 monitors… a Dell / 2 Mac Mini’s / and a ChromeBox — each with 2 Monitors.

Without access to the additional monitors… Team is Viewer is useless.

And If I remember correctly… TV doesn’t run on Chrome.

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This is a good post, thanks @tkister for raising it. I think it would be great to hear comments about what kind of support options people would like to see in Webflow :slight_smile: Keep the ideas coming :slight_smile:

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I’d like to see Webflow support people paid to monitor the forums and provide assistance.

I conducted a brief survey of 26 posts (until it got too tedious), and the resolution rate was 50% (13 resolved and 13 unresolved).

On a grading scale, that’s clearly a solid fail. I’d be much happier if the resolution rate were around 90%. (In case any of your managers need to set a new Key Performance Indicator, here you go! :grinning:)

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