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What is pbn ? how does it google bot react to it?

Good morning ,can any one suggest what is pbn ??? does it really have a good impact on SEO ??? and can i get positive results from PBN .
Can suggestion is welcome

PBN stands for private blog network. The process includes buying of expired domains with the sufficient trusted authority in order to build backlinks and improving another blog/website authority.

Google penalizes the site which uses PBNs to build backlinks i.e., using PBNs are strictly against the Google’s algorithm.

A Private Blog Network (PBN) is a network of authoritative websites used to build links to your website.
If your site have received backlinks from the websites with very little activity, few updates, and almost no internal linking, then Google gets suspicious.

Hello Bhavitratech, I have written a detailed guide on my blog. I guess this will help you/

PBN stands for Private Blogging Network and it is considered as a black hat seo technique. Google penalizes sites which uses this technique.