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What is happening? I can't publish any of my changes

No matter which project I publish or what changes I make, nothing gets published.
Please watch my video:

Thank you

I have the same issue over here… I own a news website and can’t publish any news rn wtf is going on Webflow…

Pretty sure it’s because of NoCode Conf. Some major updates are coming, but I hope it gets fixed ASAP

I’m already thinking about configuring my website to Wordpress… This just can’t happen to my website since it news based… Webflow needs to be reliable or it will not work for me.

I am having the same problem! Need to publish some content for my subscription members. How will we know when the problem is solved?!

My website just updated maybe is does work for you too?

Mine just updated as well! Thank you guys!!

All good again. At least for now.