What is going on with animations?

Animations don’t seem to work at all. I tried animating movement of an element when “X” is clicked, works perfectly. When I try to make the same animation for page load…
Animations and previews don’t work. If I set an animation to the parrent element, animation works, but whatever value I type in brings the element to the same place and animation happenes instantly. I can only make it work by using the slider. But how do I return it to it’s original position that way?
I’m trying to animate “Free service” or it’s parrent div block.


Hey, Laleesh The most important detail in this text is that the issue may be related to the settings and configurations of the animation element or the page load trigger. One possible solution is to check the settings of the animation element to ensure that it is configured correctly for page load. The other solution is to check the page load trigger to ensure that it is set up correctly and is triggering the animation as expected. or please follow this Page loader animation | Webflow University

Thanks for the reply.
I waited so long that I figured out how it works.
It’s very complicated.