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What is "forground equivilant to background" without UX blocking? Or how to enable click elements behind mask layer?

I’m looking to apply a body level transparent mask .

It looks exactally as intented when flex abs 0,0,0,0 Full screen z=9, but this blocks all buttons and ux actions.

How to apply “foreground” semitransparent gradient/image in frongt of content without blocking buttons, link and form fields?

TLDR; whats the freground equivilant to background without blocking buttons, links and form fields? AND / OR how to make click behind mask layer?

Not to be confused with Filters.

The following worked for me. FOr anyone else looking for this, here’s the solution.

  • Create any mask layer with z-positive over content
  • apply .class-name {pointer-events: none; in a custom embed (preferibly at bottom of page after footer)

Then you can click behind z-layer :slight_smile:

        pointer-events: none;