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What is fair pricing for billing clients?

how much do you charge for hosting ?

is this fair?

Who are you directing this towards?

to clients of mine trying to work a price


So to clarify…

you are asking people on Webflow if the price listed on Webflow

  • is a fair price for your clients to pay ?

no this is my price list i have mad for my clients and asking if this is fair

Yes and no. I believe fair pricing is only a perception of the value you create for the pricing, from the client’s point of view. You can charge as high(or low) as you want, as long as you’ve made the client see enough value in the product.
Do people want to pay $2,000 for a Mac laptop? Probably not. Are they willing to? Absolutely. How about spending $200,000 on a Porsche? I’m sure no one WANTS to fork out that kind of cash. Do they? Yes, every day.
At the end of the day, money is just a number. Worth is determined by value. Create the desire, show your worth, and the price won’t be as much of a concern to you, or the client.


What Syndicate said is true.

However, I can tell you that I would never go in for a webstore with 100 products and only 1GB of traffic. I understand that’s kind of the idea, but creating packages where there is a specific and obviously intentional bottleneck will build a bad impression right from the beginning.

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Its not fair, i think! Webflow does not count with gigabytes and so on. I count more if my customers use zapier, disqus, addthis and analitics!

Hi thanks for the feedback, this is why I’m asking i want to make a little income each month but don’t want to see unfair I’ve look at CMS light and that was alsmot there prices.

when you are done with a client how much do you charge them for hosting?

i make my website cheap but the hosting a bit more

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