What is causing the space between two sections?

There is a space between “Contact Section” and “Copyright Section” that allows the matte to show through. How do I make sure the sections are abutting?

Here is my public share link:

It happened because “contact section” has a display: inline-block option.

@sabanna OK…I changed it back to “block” and then it disappeared. Only after I spec’d the “Overflow” to be “none” did it reappear. I have no idea why. Do you have a good resource for learning the “overflow” settings?


Ok, I think it all connected to child elements settings, which have float:left option.
In this article you can find more information https://css-tricks.com/the-css-overflow-property/ (Float Clearing part). There is also link to the article about floating property and how it effects parent element settings

If you still will have any questions, let me know :wink:


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Most awesome. Thanks!

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