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What is best practice for Webflow layouts and text & image positioning?

Hello guys,

So far I have been creating containers (940px) for pretty much everything other than full width sites, and I have named them (Topbar Container, Hero Banner Container, Footer Container etc etc) I have then inserted images, text or just coloured black containers for the Topbar background etc into these containers and positioned them with RELATIVE postioning and using:

to position the images, text etc.

Can somebody please take a look at an example of a site I am currently building for a client where i have done all of the above:

(you might need to double click the symbols I have created to open up and see what I have done)

Please tell me guys, is this the best way to arrange and position text and images or is there a better way, should I always use sections?



Why did you use a slider to place all your elements? I would have created a 2 columns widgets with one large column and put my elements in there. Wouldn’t have had to set specific coordinates doing so, and would have been easier to define the responsiveness for devices.

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