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What is a the way to display an Overflow diagram on a page

I have added diagrams exported from Overflow and some are rather large.
I’m looking at the magnify image as an option but wanted to check in if there was a better way of embedding or displaying the file.

Many thanks!

Embedly (the embed provider In Webflow’s rich text fields) supports Overflow. You can test out how it works in an RTF. Is this what you are talking about?

Hi @webdev Jeff!
Well I loaded up a high level page flow diagram into the images folder but it’s very large.

I’m wondering if I should add a “Click to view larger” image or as you mentioned - try embedly. The diagram is hosted in the images folder but I can convert it to a pdf and load it up there. How would I link to it using embedly?

Thank you for introducing me to that feature - so awesome!