What if I have a blog with more than 100 pages of post? $16 CDN vs Global CDN!

Webflow pricing says that its maximum capacity of pages is 100. I am planning to make a blog that will have more than 300 cms pages. Is it possible in webflow? Can anyone help with this question?

Another question, What is the difference between webflow’s $16 CDN vs the global CDN? Anyone using them. What’s your opinion? Will $16 CDN make my website transfer fast enough globally? or It will be a wrong investment.

Please anyone help me with the answers. Thanks in Advance.

You can have 100 Static pages and up to 2000 or 10000 CMS collection items.

So you can theoreticially publish 2000 / 10000 blog pages and 100 static pages.

Thank You @miekwave. And what about the CDN? Do you have any idea?

Webflow serves your assets with aws under the hosting plan. its a very reliable cdn.

Of course you can ftp your own host or other cdn as well if you want to export code and/or do a php / laravel / digital ocean custom server / injection from your webflow io site to another host / cdn / ftp.

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