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What IDE for Node.js, MongoDB, and AmazonAWS

Hello everyone,

This question is especially for the supercoders (@thesergie @callmevlad I’d love to know your input on this question):
What IDE do you guys found out the best to work with?

  1. I’m hesitating between these full blown IDE like:
    Aptana Studio
    (Any other suggestions?)

Note that I used to work with “lightweight” IDE like

But I’ve had the feeling it’s not going to be enough in the long term. I need the strong tools for Back-End development. So I would rather work with an IDE that helps me work fast in both Server Side and Client Side.

I’d love an IDE that backups my code on GitHub and pushes it on my AmazonAWS servers and helps me edit my MongoDB Tables while it helps me code intuitively in Node.js (yes I love the MEAN stack)… Am I asking too much ?

Thank you all,

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