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What have I done wrong?

what am I trying to do:

And that’s what I’m getting:

All white. Why? I can’t understand. What have I done wrong?

Hi @Barsik,

your “header-container” action stays on opacity 0%.

Change it to 100% and all works fine :blush:

HEy, I did this!
Would you like to have the original file?
I can send you a cloneable link…

Hi @philippe

I’d be interested too…great work!

Thanks, @philippe. But I would like to learn by myself how to make such effects. I do not want to just clone them.

I changed the opacity to 100%. But I still have this:

Apparently I missed something else. BUT I CAN NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT IT’S EXACTLY!

You changed it upside down @Barsik.
The initial state of the “header-container” have a opacity of 0% and then in the first action after 0.3 ms you have to give them 100% opacity.

You must open the screenshot to see it in full size.

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Eh, I’m so inconsiderate)) Thank you @Maurice! I did it.

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What’s your email @StuM ? I can transfer you a copy.

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