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What happens to my site when going back to 'Free' Plan?

I really enjoy creating my site on Webflow,
My question is - I want my site to be on my own go-dady domain & hosting.
After finishing the site and exporting it I will probably go back from the Micro to the Free Plan. BUT - Will the site still be saved in my account?
Will I be able to go back after a while and upgrade again to Micro to make some changes?

Yes when you go back to the free plan you’re site still will be there, just features of the micro plan will be undone.
When you want to use the microplan again you can just upgrade again.

Hi @Joscreative, nice sprite sheet demo on your designer page :wink:


Thanks :thumbsup:

  • Micro lets u 80 pages (‘Free’ enable only 2) will all my pages still be there?
  • Micro gives you unlimited storage (Free gives you 50m) will all my content still be there?
  • If I’ll be on the personal plan with more then one website and go back to ‘Free’, will all my websites will be saved in their original form?

So far i know everything will be saved but just not accessible.
Think one of the @webflow staff can give the correct answers on your questions.

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