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What happens to client billing and client projects if I cancel account plan?


I’m wondering that if I build websites for more than 2 clients requiring me to get upgrade the number of projects that I can have on my account. But if they are just one time jobs (Site creation) or an irregular job (I do a bit of work every now and then), and I set up the client billing for them. But what if I want to cancel my account plan, what happens to the projects and the client billing afterwards?

Perhaps another way to explain it, if I have over 2 clients, for every client that I create a website for, do I have to keep my account plan for as long as their site exists so that client billing and the project remains? Or do I have to transfer it to a separate account that they set up and then add their payment details through that, or alternatively, create their site through their own account directly from the beginning?

What are your recommendations for this?

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