What Happens? Removing CMS Field After Content is Published

I have a blog in my webflow site.

I’ve published several articles.

In my latest article, I do not require a ‘main image’ which is one of the CMS items I created the template with. If I do not place an image here it leaves a wide, white gap between where the main image would be and the content that would follow.

If I remove the main image field in the CMS, will it remove all the main images in the blog posts already posted?

My thought is to remove this CMS just for this post because of the big white gap, then reintroduce it on the next post.

I don’t want to remove previous ‘main images’ so this is a concearn.

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Maybe you could look at using conditionals to not display an element when something in the CMS is set or present / not present. See Conditional visibility | Webflow University